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A new perpective

We are a forward-thinking and innovative partner capable of driving significant transformation and delivering superior results for its clients.


Project Management and transformation

Elevate your business with comprehensive service combining agile project planning, proactive risk management, and sustainable innovation, ensuring efficiency for long-term success.


Supply Chain Management

Digitalize your supply chain for optimization, real-time analytics, and IoT visibility. Align IT strategically and foster continuous improvement for competitive advantage


Lean Management 

We identify potential risks to your business continuity and offer robust strategies to mitigate them, ensuring resilience and stability in a dynamic market.


Flash Organizational Diagnosis

This diagnostic tool is complimentary if you decide to engage with our services afterwards. However, should you choose not to continue, a fee will apply.


Digital Services

Our trusted partners provide a diverse range of digital solutions tailored to meet your business needs. From graphic design to code integration, explore our curated selection of specialized services.

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A wide range of sectors covered


Addressing Business Challenges with A New Perspective

Building the future

A new perspective

We believe in the power of innovation through a fresh perspective. By challenging the status quo, we deliver groundbreaking solutions tailored to your unique business challenges. Our approach encourages creative thinking and explores new horizons to drive significant transformation and results.


Your business is unique, and so are our solutions.

With a focus on customization, we adapt our strategies, methodologies, and solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization. By fostering internal collaboration and integrating innovative management tools, we ensure outcomes that align with your goals, enhancing efficiency and connectivity within your team.


Our Commitment : Distinctive Value Propostion

As your partner in transformation, LYN Management Consulting is committed to empowering your organization with the insights and strategies needed for sustainable growth. Our collaborative approach helps us understand your vision and work together towards achieving your objectives, preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow with solutions that are future-ready and adaptable.




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Excellent Service

Outstanding Service

LYN Consulting supported our teams during our industrial transfer to Southern Europe. We made a saving of more than 25% in structural costs. We have redeployed our teams to other industrial sites while outsourcing functions.

A leading multinational company in medical devices

Professional Service

Amazing Work

LYN Consulting achieved its objectives by improving the organization of our offices abroad. My management teams effectively manage the constraints linked to the complexity of our decentralized structure.

A leading company in Financial Services

A new perspective

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Building the future

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Building the future

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Joining LYN Consulting is a unique opportunity to leverage your experiences and skills. Whether you are independent or in salary portage, you will evolve within a motivating environment in which you can express the best of your potential.